Production Team

J.R. Richards – Director, camera, editor
J.R. was hired in 2003 to produce tasting and promotional videos for Michael Jackson's Rare Beer Club. With numerous television and documentary credits to his name, J.R. has almost a decade of experience producing documentary and corporate media for breweries and wineries. He is the creator and director of The Wine Travelers, an acclaimed television and internet series about travel, wine, and winemakers, which aired on Life TV UK and has recently been selected as the video series for Apple's new iPad magazine, Uncorked. An avid homebrewer, cook, and outdoor enthusiast, he now lives in Sun Valley, Idaho, with his production partner and wife, Ali.

Rob Imeson – Executive Producer
Importer Rob Imeson started the Rare Beer Club with Michael Jackson in 2000, and managed the club until 2009. Rob made possible the numerous filming trips with Michael that led to the bulk of the Beer Hunter movie's archival footage. Rob was working with Michael to publish his latest book, to be entitled "I'm Not Drunk." Rob currently lives in Boise, Idaho, and is the President of Barclay's Wine group.

Ali Richards – Producer
Ali has over six years of television and movie production experience and is a partner and co-founder, along with her husband, J.R., of Wander Media Productions. She has written several screen plays and serves as the Beer Hunter movie's script coordinator and assistant director. An avid snowboarder, traveler, and photographer, she graduated from CU Boulder with a degree in writing.

Gary Wilson – Website Design
Gary is the founder of Infininaut, an multi-media, animation, and web-design company. An accomplished graphic artist and animator, Gary graduated from Penn State and then obtained a computer animation degree from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. He has produced websites and media applications for a wide range of corporate and broadcast clients, and is currently based in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, where he is producing a series of films for the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

Eric Altman – Chief Financial Officer
Eric is a founding partner, with J.R. Richards, of Maroon Studios, which produced the Michael Jackson Rare Beer Club videos and The Wine Travelers. A senior vice president and CFO of a venture capital company based in Denver, Colorado, Eric handles all financial aspects of Wander Media Productions and Beer Hunter: The Movie. When he's not poring over spreadsheets, Eric can be found on the slopes and mountain bike trails of Colorado.

Clarke Paschall – Audio and 2nd Camera
Clarke is an audiophile and beer and wine raconteur. He provided rock solid shotgun boom skills, power management, media refreshment, and backup camera relief when the going got tough. He is a great friend and loyal supporter of Michael. He lives in Aspen, Colorado, with his wife Hadley.